Dog Days

Sirius 1“Dog, where are you going?”

“Home,” the dog replies.

“Come down. You are home,” the child cries. “Please.”

“I won’t be coming down. I go back whence I came.”

“Then I shall be alone.”

“You are a child,” he responds. “You have yet to live a full life. My days have been long and Sirius, the Dog Star calls.”

The child is taken aback.

“Don’t be sad,” the dog replies. “Just look to the sky and you will find me.”


“I am one of the brightest and one of the nearest when you need me most.”


This 100-word flash fiction was inspired by a photo prompt at Friday Fictioneers. Please click link below for more stories inspired by the photo posted above.



12 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Lovely story! The dog will be gone but watching over the child in spirit, at least. Now at least we know what he’s doing up that tree – it’s a bit closer to his final destination!

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